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Chic Saison


Chic Saison is a French Farmhouse Saison brewed with Mangosteens!  Mangosteens are grown in Southeast Asia and contribute a tart and tropical fruit punch that pairs perfectly with the estery and spicy qualities of the French Saison.  The beer clocks in at 6.1% and 18 IBU's and offers the perfect way to welcome in Spring.


Dos Duderinos Imperial Milk Stout


This is a beer of Dude-like proportions! Inspired by overachievers, line fouls, and nihilists, Dos Duderinos is here to settle the score. Twice the power of El Duderino, this libation isn't for the weak minded. There is no ringer, piece, or Pomeranian strong enough to compete with its force.  Clocking in at 11.1% ABV, nobody messes with Dos Duderinos!


Treat Yourself

Broadcasting the latest and tastiest from CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE BREWING CO., it's ELLIOT IN THE MORNING with a HOPPED UP WHEAT BEER uncensored with GOLDEN CITRUS FRUITS. Tune in, grab one of these and TREAT YOURSELF!


Orange Is the New Stout

What began as an RV excursion, a couple of beers, and an idea shared amongst friends has become the sweet reality called “ORANGE IS THE NEW STOUT.”  This imperial chocolate stout is crafted using fresh oranges and sea salt creating a truffle like flavor clocking in at 10.5% abv which will keep your spirits warm and bright all winter long.




An IMPERIAL MILK STOUT AGED IN RUM BARRELS, TRAVESTY is in a league of its own. Some might say it’s OVER THE LINE, but most dudes agree it’s the best way to close out your game.


Wort Share: Session IPA

2015 Wort Share: Session IPA The 2015 COTU WORT SHARE brew is a delicious and bright SESSION IPA engineered by JOHN ARTHUR, the winner of this year’s homebrew competition. Warrior, Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Motueka, and Amarillo hops are generously used creating a light bodied IPA chocked full of citrus and spice notes. The brew clocks in at 4.5% making it a perfect edition to a hot summer day.



16 months in the making, what began as an RV excursion, a couple of beers, and an idea shared amongst friends has become the sweet reality known as "ORANGE IS THE NEW STOUT."  Center of the Universe and O'Connor Brewing proudly present an imperial chocolate stout crafted with oranges and sea salt. Like a liquid chocolate truffle, its deep, rich flavors are sure to keep your spirits warm and bright all winter long.  The stout is 10.5% in alcohol by contact, but you wouldn't know it with it's ultra smooth finish.


Shut Up 2016

COTU's "Black Friday" brew is an Imperial Stout that is aged in both Bourbon and red wine barrels, and then blended together to create an intensely complex and extraordinarily smooth flavor.  The beer clocks in at11.9% and contains rich malty flavors which meld perfectly with the fruity sweetness extracted from the barrels.  Vanilla, raspberry, and cherry upfront subside to a delicate chocolate finish leaving  your taste buds yearning for the next sip.




Center of the Universe’s Oktoberfest is our take on the classic Munich fest biers. German Munich and Vienna malts are used to give the beer a slightly sweet and malty flavor with some toasted notes as well. Noble German hops were added during the boil, adding just enough bitterness to balance with the flavors of the malt. We then chose a Czech yeast strain that accentuated the malt and fermented nice and clean. After fermentation COTU Oktoberfest went through an extended cold conditioning period known as lagering. After lagering, the beer was filtered, removing any yeast that had not yet dropped out naturally. COTU Oktoberfest is malty, clean and refreshing. Golden to amber in color, we think our Oktoberfest would be right at home in the festival tents of Munich. Or Virginia. Prost! 5.7% ABV/25 IBUs/7 SRM



RVAle 2014 is a light, refreshingly spiced summer Belgian –style ale engineered by homebrewer Scott Golden, winner of the 2014 COTU Wort Share Competition. The beer is similar to a Saison, but brewed with Belgian yeast, which attributes to a cleaner flavor profile. The light bodied beer is bursting with citrus and spice notes and accompanied by traditional Belgian esters.  4.5% Alc. by Vol.   24 IBU’s


Ray Ray’s


The namesake beer of COTU’s founders, Ray Ray’s Pale Ale starts with imported English 2-row barley that provides a full rich flavor.  Near continuous additions of Cascade hops contribute both a balanced bitterness and classic spicy and citrusy aromas and flavors. […]


Chin Music


The Richmond Flying Squirrels and COTU Brewing proudly present an amber lager as crisp as opening night and as smooth as a walk-off swing. Chin Music is the perfect brew to enjoy while watching America’s favorite pastime, baseball. […]




This hop forward India Pale Ale features four different hops from the Pacific Northwest combined with a base of imported English 2-row barley and Crystal malts.  Dry-hopped for additional hop flavor and aroma. […]




The COTU Kölsch is created using Pilsner malts with a touch of German Munich malt. The resulting straw-colored beer is both light in body, but balanced with the subtle hop spiciness of German Tettnang hops. […]


Homefront IPA

Brewed with West Coast hops, fresh orange zest, and aged on Louisville Slugger Maple bats, this beer not only pleases the pallet, but raises money for our troops. […]


Monkeys Uncle

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Monkey’s Uncle is COTU’s take on a classic beer style from Belgium – the Tripel.  Pilsner malt is the primary building block, providing a light crisp body and straw color. […]


El Duderino


Inspired by slackers, sweaters, eccentric friends and exotic drinks.  This decadent White Russian milk pours midnight black and is capped with a tan pillowy head. Eight different malts and whole vanilla beans create flavors of chocolate and espresso, offering a perfect way to mellow out after a rough set on the lanes.