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Center of the Universe prides itself on having sustainable and consistent core products all year round.

The reason we are able to do this is because our production staff’s attention to detail and procedure is unmatched. Phil and Chris always like to say, “It’s easy to make a good beer. The hard part is making that beer tastes exactly the same every time you make it.” Consistently hitting consumer expectations for year-round products is paramount in a sustainable business model. This is exactly the way the larger breweries retain a fan base.

No matter when or where they reach for that light lager, they know it will be exactly how they remember it. Our goal is to replicate this consistency with our craft beers. We also offer a monthly seasonal. This is usually something unique, stronger in alcohol, or barrel aged. We do this to keep something fresh available in the market and to keep ourselves relevant for the constantly rotating taps and beer drinkers. Ultimately we use these beers as a driver for the core products.

Experimental Beers