Anti-Valentines Day Party February 11th

Do you love Valentine’s Day? Do you love the flowers? The cards? The candies? Creepy little Cherubs? Unrealistic romantic comedies?

If you said yes, that’s neat.

If you said no. Congratulations. We are the place for you this Valentine’s Day!

There aren’t going to be any crazy red hearts, flowers, or those candies with creepy pre-written messages. There is going to be lots of beer, live music, tacos, and a bunch of like minded people who want to enjoy a Saturday without getting bombarded by stupid Cupid’s arrows. Come alone, or bring your awesome loved ones.  The party is from 6pm-9pm.

Something Shiny Band will play live from 6-9 pm.

Get off the Valentine’s hype train. Hop aboard the COTU Express.

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